Friday, November 28, 2008

Kids and Butterflies

Last Tuesday we went to the Synagogue and had the children from the Hebrew school help create the butterflies for the Noah's Ark mural. Over 100 children showed up and working in pairs they glued brightly colored glass triangles onto the wings of the butterflies. Only 18 butterflies will be in the mural so the remainder will be given to the school to be displayed in the class rooms.

I enjoyed working with the children and answering all their questions about the project. I was surprised by the depth of their questions. What kind of glass, how do you fuse the glass together, is it like working and firing clay in a kiln, when will it be done and installed? Bright kids! Of course there were the requested to help with the animals that I had to turn down. I love the fact that they were so excited about the mural and they are now a part of it. Hopefully the project will have more meaning to them as they pass it on their way over time and remember the day they helped.

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