Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Our Studio Manager

My daughter used to work at the local PETCO which was both good and bad for our family. The good was that she got an employee discount and we have more animals than most. The bad is that from time to time people would bring their unwanted pets into the store and leave them. Some times they would ask an employee if they would take them but most times they would just leave them in an isle. If the animal was healthy and friendly they would but them up for adoption. So if you see a little sticker around the place saying Adopt First, that means some one left a pet there.

From time to time an animal would be left that was either sick or abused and more often than not it would come home with my daughter for a little rehab and then back to be adopted. Well about a year ago she brought home a very pretty lovebird that she wanted to keep for herself. She open the cage and was promptly attacked by said bird. To the studio came the love bird to spend time with me being rehabed. The very first thing I did was open the cage to clean it and put fresh food & water in it. The bird flew out, landed on my shoulder and sank her beak into my throat drawing blood. We named her Spike, put on gloves and put her back into the cage.

Months of working with her saw a major improvement and she started eating out of my hand. She will sit on my shoulder and preen me. Fingers still are in danger in the studio but I am holding out hope.

Since it has been a year and we have established a working relationship, Spike is staying and now takes the job of studio manager very seriously. She over sees all work and if she doesn't like a design has been known to chew it up. If she feels we need a break, she will fly to the work bench and attack the tools and anyone who reaches for them.
So the next time you stop by the studio, make sure you say hi to Spike and it also helps if you bring a few sunflower seeds.

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